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Artig latest news on historical miniature

Napoleon`s marshals


  We have completed our collection of Napoleon's marshals. Now you have possibility to get the full collection of figurines made in the same style. This collection is placed in a gift box made of mahogany - a wonderful gift for collector, business partners etc. more

Great War


Dear friends. On the 100th anniversary of the Great War, we launched a new series of figures devoted to this event. We are the first among manufacturers producing a complete collection of the marshals of the Third Republic. You have the opportunity to collect the entire set of eight wonderful miniatures. The latest 3D computer technologies were applied in order to create it. more

The Reception


Recently, Artig attended the International Tin Figure Fair in Kulmbach, Germany. At this fair, we entered a painting and sculpture competition and won a gold medal! We’ve decided to provide some more information on the background for our diorama. Let us know what you think.


3D modelling


Currently there are a number of programmes which are used for 3D modelling – 3dMax, Zbrush, Blender, Ceros, etc. These differ in standard of information processing and interface. more

Technical information about "The Reception"


For the first time in Artig’s history, we decided to use more advanced technologies to create our models! Artig’s leading 3-D modelling specialist M. Chertov used 3-D modelling programmes for certain elements of the room and accessories. The most challenging part was definitely the Hussar model, but the time spent working on it paid off in the presence of very small details, the clarity and depth of the figure, his accessories and jewelry. more

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