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Technical information about "The Reception"



The modelling for the project was completed using two methods – classical and using more advanced technologies.

For the first time in Artig’s history, we decided to use more advanced technologies to create our models! Artig’s leading 3-D modelling specialist M. Chertov used 3-D modelling programmes for certain elements of the room and accessories. The most challenging part was definitely the Hussar model, but the time spent working on it paid off in the presence of very small details, the clarity and depth of the figure, his accessories and jewelry.

The completed 3-D models were then printed on a 3-D printer from Envision, which we believe prints excellent surfaces. We’ve been using the printer at Artig for a while now to print models of tanks, planes, cars, as well as miniatures of people for other companies, printed in scales from 1/6 to 1/350.

Artig’s leading sculptors U. Rakov and A. Harushin have created a number of beautiful figures – including the marshal series. This time they crafted the Chasseur a cheval, caught in the moment of an enthusiastic story. The grenadier a cheval stands next to him in an equally realistic pose.

Molding, casting, assembly and painting

The molding for this project, both for the classical style and the more innovative style using the models printed on the 3-D printer, as well as the casting was completed by Y.Krylov - our chief molding and casting specialist. The largest parts are molded from plastic, the others from "white metal".

Even after the highest quality casting, all of the details require post-processing, cleaning, trimming and assembly which is done by V. Diakonov. Our enthusiastic artists, Marinbah , Fedorova and Smorodina use acrylic paints which make it more resistant to external influences. The result was predictable – the figures look real, their faces, folds , shadows - everything worked stunningly.

If you have any questions on comments on the more technical aspects or our production, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at or write to us on Facebook.


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