Warranty and Privacy Policy


We guarantee that the figures of the military historical miniatures offered on this site correspond to a high standard of product quality. Paints used in painting the products are certified for use by children older than 8 years. The alloys used feature a low content of harmful impurities.


We hope that you never have to return the product to us, but when there are problems with the quality of the figures we ask to return the defective product, so we can send you a replacement conditioning unit or refund you the cost of figures excluding the cost of shipping, local taxes and fees.


In case of significant damage of a product in transit, please open the parcel in the presence of carrier and make the act of  damage of the packaging and internal content, then we will replace defective products completely at our expense.


If there are minor defects that we have inadvertently missed during pre-shipment inspection and which are not related to inappropriate treatment and care of products, you can contact us within one week of receiving the parcel by e-mail or fax with an explanation of the problem.



By this statement the company ArtIG Plus announces that we have a very responsible attitude to ensuring the privacy of your personal data. We appreciate your trust in us to provide personal information about yourself. We use the latest technology to meet the highest standards of data protection to safeguard personal information and safely conduct transactions.


We will never collect or store any personal information except that which is necessary to fulfill your order. We will never sell or rent your personally identifiable information or a list of our customers to third parties.


We may share personal information about you to third parties only if:

- When it is necessary to execute and send your order;

- With your prior consent;

- Pursuant to a court decision.


We guarantee that we shall use your personal information only for the following purposes:

  - To provide you with information about product updates, new services and announcements

   of products and for other information that may be of interest to you;

 - To inform you of special offers, that may be of interest to you. 

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